The Lakeland Village Barber Shop opened in 1960. Along with providing some of the best barbering services in the area, we are steeped in history and stories from the St. Croix River Valley area. Why don’t you come on in for a good story and a Traditional Hair Cut, Flat-top, Bald or Brush Fade, High N Tight, or Neals' famous "Ivy League." You'll get a complimentary Hot Lather, Straight-edge Neck Shave and Scalp Massage with each cut. Hot Lather Face Shaves available, too! And on Monday’s we offer the Lucky $13 haircuts for Seniors 65+. Lakeland Village Barber Shop caters to men and those who want a classic haircut or shave.


You won’t get a bunch of mediocre pampering services that a lot of salons use to lure customers.


Our customers have come mostly by word of mouth and have discovered the simple beauty of a regular, old-fashioned barber shop like Lakeland Village Barber Shop.


Lakeland Village Barber Shop takes pride in the service we provide. Licensed barbers deliver all services and it is the customers’ choice which barber chair to sit in, there will never be any pressure.


At Lakeland Village Barber Shop, you will receive a quality haircut and quality customer service. We look forward to becoming your barber!

See you soon!




Lakeland Village Barbershop 651-436-7400


Making People Less Ugly Since 1960!